The perfume of the leather is always in the air

Since 1985 we've been binding leather journals and photo albums in our "bottega", a typical Italian workshop where scraps of brilliant papers and colored leather stripes contribute to cheer up the atmosphere in a place where people love what they're doing.

Genuine leather, original hand decorated papers and a long experience make each piece unique and precious.

Hard cover brown leather journals. The leather is genuine. It's treated with vegetal products and finished with special waxes that follow an old recipe.

A final brushing makes it soft and perfumed.

Inside paper block: blank journal, diary, address book, guest book.


Soft leather Medievalis

It's a famous leather journal in Florentine style. We simply call it Medievalis.

The paper block is gently wrapped in a soft leather cover. A long lace keeps your note safe and gives it an exquisite antique feel. Handcrafted by skilled hands, it's a perfect gift idea.

Inside paper block: blank journal.

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Leather photo albums

Leaf through the real paper pages of these luxurious leather photo albums and store your memories forever.

Great binding, attention to details, high quality materials, final beauty treatment with natural waxes that makes each piece extremely soft and perfumed.


Writing accessories

Small and very nice collection of desktop accessories dedicated to those who love handwriting.

Nibs, antique pens, pen holders, feathers, ink bottles, magnifying glasses and other accessories, it's all you need to celebrate the everlasting art.

Writing sets with journals and letter paper.


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